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film & photography

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Film & photography about you and your audience

The visual pieces we create together are designed to convey your story and feelingtone. Which makes a truely meaningful and lasting connection to your key audience and customers.


My name is Jascha and I create & edit videos and stills. Because content should be relevant to your goals, I like to make one or two conscious thoughts about the production purpose. Together with you and if needed the help of other creatives, production companys and marketing teams, I work on content that matters. To you and your audience.

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What others say about working with me

Latest Work

Edit for ideal entertainment / vanexxt

The munich production company ideal entertainment  hired me to edit the raw material of the vanexxt travelbox. The Result is this short video in 16:9 as well as a lot of detail reels in 9:16 for instagram.

Outdoor Demo-Reel 2022

In 2022 we went on a six month camper van journey through Europe and I finalized my first short documentary „Take Heart“ which you can find further down this page.

Film / photographic documentation Listen to munich 2022

Feierwerk Fachstelle Pop hired me to document their pop culture summit „Listen to Munich“. For two days I collected impressions of this great event.

Edit / Cut Musicvideo Youth OK

DOP Bernhard Schinn from ideal entertainment put me on this project as Editor. The video was created together with director Oliver Mohr, 1st AC Paul Ambrusch and the band Youth OK.

Production Documentary "TAKE HEART"

This short film is about the courage of having fear and how facing your fears can inspire you to live up to your potential.

Photoshooting Tiden Berlin

For the Berlin based label Tiden Berlin I conducted this spontaneous photoshooting in North Spain. Models: Theresa Bergbauer and Tiden Berlin Co-Founder Kati Homberg

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How I create film & visual storys

I was told, my speciality is grasping the feelingtone, story and context of a productline, lifestyle-brand or company mission. And what’s equally important: to convey it through pictures and film. 

As filming & photographing is an act of working with light, my previous passion transfers beautifully into my work as a content creator:

I used to be a professional in the eventbranch for over ten yeas. As I toured worldwide with bands I operated & desigend stage lighting for Rockshows. I did this in Brasil, Japan & all over Europe where my actual job was to grasp the feeling of a song in the blink of an eye. To bring it to life via big and small lightingriggs and the abstract programming structure of lighting-desks.

For uncountable acts in leading Munich Concert Halls (Muffatwerk, Technikum, Freiheitshalle), TV-Shows (Bayerischer Rundfunk) and on set for music videos light was my mission.

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Say Hello!

Some seemingly obvious thoughts about film and visual pieces in social media

and why this should matter to you

or at least how i think about my work

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We are visual beings...

As some researchers of the MIT (yes the widely known Massachusetts Institut of Technology) found out, humans are good at seeing and understanding. In fact we are so good, and fast in grasping the context of visual imagery, that most of us can actually do this in about 13 milliseconds. Which means, the rule of the first impression is somehow scientifically proven. The implication of this is fairly apparent: How brands „come across“ for someone scrolling his feed, happens in an eyeblink.

...and make visual decisions

Etsy conducted a study which basically approves, what we all already know: 9 out of 10 people make a online-purchase decision based on the product imagery, not the written information. Here you find the study

jascha polenz outdoor photography lifestyle fotografie heroshot surfing surflife nordspanien sanvincennte tidenberlin seesack rucksack

Online decisions are made visually

9 out of 10 people

base their purchase decision on available imagery

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More than just content.

I think the pictures and movies a brand puts online should be and do more then just filling their social media or following the latest social media trends. People long for connection and to feel understood and I’m convinced, that well considered content pieces can help in doing so.


For sure! Get in contact if you need videos or photographs for your sedcards, sponsoring-application, cooperations or own website.

What excites me most about outdoor or travel content is the feeling of freedom! But I’m open to a lot of projects. Because I’m very curious, I love to dip into new branches.

This depends on our agreement before hand. In case it’s neeeded, I can take care or help you with that matter.